Links for Month of Tishrei



Song of Return

Avinu Malkenu Song/Prayer Barbra Streisand Youtube link:


Article on Prayer:


Outstanding Audio Class on Forgiveness


Rosh Hashanah High Holidays website with all audios & articles & recipes


Article on the true meaning of the 3 Pillars that Hold up the World: Charity, Prayer, & Repentance:


Story of Jonah – a Story of Tshuvah read during service on Yom Kippur:


Excellent overview for Tishrei Video by Rabbi Y.Y. Jacobson – “Will You Marry Me? The Inside Story of the High Holy Days”:

Hashana Awakening our New Potential&utm_content=Rosh Hashana Awakening our

New Potential


Lulav & Etrog Pictorial Guide:


Advanced meditation from Rav Katz on waving the Lulav and incorporating the 6 Sefirot on the Tree of Life:

The spiritual guests who come to your Sukkah:

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