Free Mini Course - On the Jewish New Year

8 Short Classes Teach You Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Jewish New Year Traditions, Holidays and Kabbalah

Your Instructor

Allison Gilbert, MA
Allison Gilbert, MA

Allison Gilbert, MA is a certified Kabbalah Coach. She practiced as a psychotherapist in Santa Cruz, California from 1985 until 2023. She wrote her masters thesis on using the Tarot as a counseling tool in 1984. Allison created a deck of 49 Kabbalah Cards in 2015 to help people easily learn about Kabbalah and Judaism. Allison has studied with the Kabbalah teachers Shimona Tzukernik, Shifra Hendrie and Rav Doniel Katz. She currently writes a blog at


Learn about the Jewish calendar, holidays, and history from a Kabbalistic Perspective

Go from Knowing Nothing to Becoming an Insider!

In this Mini-Course you will:

                    • Learn about the Jewish New Year
                    • Have the ability to prepare yourself for the High Holidays
                    • Dig deeper to get the most our of your holiday experience
                    • Feel pride in your heritage.

Each class has

      • downloadable pdfs
      • numerous links to explore more
      • bite-sized lessons
      • diagrams explaining concepts
      • layouts to apply the teachings using the Kabbalah Cards (bought separately and entirely optional)



“Your class is one of the biggest gifts I hold onto and treasure.”

“I really enjoyed your first class weaving us through the calendar with insights and stories, both historical and in your own touching journey. You could, with clarity and simplicity, connect us to deep concepts, so that each year we can deepen our experience and bring more light/action in the face of recurring holidays and patterns in our lives.”

"You have saved us all the trouble of looking up all of this on our own!"

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. Plus, it can be completed on a weekly basis, learning one lesson at a time for an entire 2 months. Go through this class while you go through both months on the Jewish calendar: Elul and Tishrei so you can be informed on the energies and lessons available to you during each month!
Do I need to know Hebrew?
No you don't need to know Hebrew. All Hebrew words are transliterated so you can read the word in English letters. Every Hebrew word is fully explained as well. This mini-class is geared toward beginners who have no background at all.

If you've ever wanted to learn more about Kabbalah or Judaism, this is the class for you.

Whether you are Jewish or Not,

you will develop a connection to the foundation for the Western religions. It will also show you how deep, meaningful and rich the Jewish ways, practices and customs are.

This class does not stay on the surface!

It gives you a method for enriching your life by applying the most beautiful concepts. Taken at your own pace, you will enjoy filling your life with the enlightening ways of the Jewish people through getting to know about the Jewish New Year.

Enroll today and enjoy learning about Kabbalah and Judaism forever!!

Get started now!