Daily Log of Cards

I have given you a form to record your daily log of chosen cards.

It's a PDF document called, "Daily Log", which gives you a chart to record one card at a time per day.

I recommend starting your taste of these Kabbalah cards by choosing only one card to focus on per day. In the section at the bottom of the page, there is a document for how to lay out 3 cards a day. See the section called Daily 3 Card Layout. There is also 12 different layouts for each month on the Jewish calendar in a section below as well.


What does "Parsha" mean?
You can record the daily Parsha which is the daily reading from the Torah (Old Testament). The idea put out by the sages is that the daily parsha or portion of the weekly chapter colors the mood of the day or week. It's just another way for you to look inside of Judaism and apply the teachings to your life. If you read the daily parsha, know that you are following a tradition along with many other Jews around the world. You are joining a whole community of seekers by reading the daily parsha.

The Daily Parsha can be found online at: http://www.chabadbythesea.com/dailystudy/torahreading.htm

If you want to see the entire week's parsha, go to: http://www.chabadbythesea.com/parshah/default_cdo/...

DailyLog in pdf.pdf
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