Lesson 4 - Tevet - More of Sefirot and Navigating Anger

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Joseph's Advice

Joseph overcame the natural human instinct to take revenge against his brothers or even bear a grudge. Instead, he provided them only good.

How did he do it? His words tell us what his mind had resolved:

“Your intentions were to harm me, but G-d’s intended it for good.” (Genesis 50:20)

Joseph contemplated: G-d is good and all He does is for the good. He had experienced first hand how events that appeared disastrous turned out to be fabulously good—for he was now in the ideal position to assist his family at this time of famine.

And since only good came from their actions, his brothers deserved only good in return.

This is what you are meant to learn from Joseph’s magnanimity to his brothers:

That there is no human being to blame for whatever befalls you, and never any reason to hold a grudge.

Yes, someone made a bad decision, and you may need to be wary in the future. You might even exact payment for it in court.

But a grudge is a subtle form of polytheism. There is only one G-d and He is good. Whatever happened was determined in a heavenly court to be the best outcome for your soul.

Drop the grudge, embrace life’s hidden gifts, and you will come to see how it is all good.

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By Tzvi Freeman
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